This Privacy Policy has been created to strengthen our commitment on preserving our customers’ personal information. This document explains how CarzRental deals with the user’s confidential information, whether collected through the web page/mobile or stored in the database through other collection methods, such as phone calls or subscription forms. This policy is not applicable to companies that are not owned by CarzRental or under control of CarzRental, nor to individuals who are not employees or hired by CarzRental. Our page may have links to third party web pages. CarzRental is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of these pages. We always recommend reading the privacy policy of any web page before providing any confidential information. This privacy policy depends on the applicable law and, therefore, it is subject to change. We recommend checking it regularly. If CarzRental makes significant changes in its treatment procedure of confidential information, and this affects the security or confidentiality conditions, the customer will be diligently notified through a) public notification in our home page; b) notification via email for registered users. The following provisions must be considered regarding this policy: 1 – CarzRental collects personal information (capable of identifying a user) when: a) the user registers and creates a new account; b) the user subscribes to participate in our contests and special offers; c) the user gets in touch through customer service channels. 1. The data collected and its usage are classified in item 8 of this policy 2. If the user needs more information or wishes to contact us directly, they may do so by email to info@ 3. It is the users’ right to request a copy of all information about them. This request may be made by email to info@ 2 – For each data collecting model you may request different information depending on the purpose of the said collection. The user will always be informed about data collection and may choose not to provide this data. Consequences of this decision will also be informed. 1. The purpose of data collection as well as the time of retention of these data, will be detailed in the register form whenever possible. 3 – CarzRental automatically receives and stores browser information (IP address and visited pages) through cookies. Cookies are short sections of information that generally include a unique anonymous identifier sent to your browser by some web pages and is stored in the hard drive of your computer. They are used to identify you during your next visit to those web pages. 4 – It is not necessary to provide personal data in CarzRental web page or to accept browser’s cookies to visit the site. The user that decides to do so, automatically knows and accepts the terms and conditions here. 5 – All data collected by CarzRental are managed through secure and encrypted internet protocols. 6 – CarzRental makes every effort to store sensitive data correctly and confidentially. 7 – All information collected is stored in CarzRental database. 8 – CarzRental uses the user’s personal information for the following general purposes: (I) inform the user about new products; (II) update user’s information for contact purposes by email, phone or other means of communications; (III) speed-up the user’s experience; (IV) create general statistics data without identifying the user; (V) answer questions and requests made by the user; (VI) develop marketing and communication campaigns, as well as announcing special offers; and (VII) notify the user about corporate news. The data provided in the web page will be kept in our database as long as necessary for our operations, until the user requests its elimination or until the authorization of usage is withdrawn. 9 – Access to the personal information collected is limited to Carzrental’s employees and authorized personnel. Any person that misuses these data or violates this Privacy Policy will be subject to the penalties here mentioned, and pertinent legal actions. 10 – User’s information will never be revealed to third parties, except for CarzRental’ authorized partners. Moreover, user’s information will never be used by CarzRental for other purposes than the ones detailed here except if necessary with a court order. 11 – Hereby, the user guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of the personal information provided. CarzRental may not be held responsible in case this information is false or wrong. 12 – The user may change, correct or delete their information at all times by accessing ´My Profile’ 1. When a request to eliminate personal information is made, CarzRental will notify the user which information was deleted. Due to security reasons, some changes in the account (including any user’s information) can only be made through authentication of email and password. 13 – Marketing newsletters and special offers sent by email will allow the user to unsubscribe. Every request will be quickly dealt with. 14 – Marketing email services are provided by a company hired by CarzRental that uses its own servers to send emails on our behalf. 15 – Said company does not store or use email information from CarzRental’ users for any other purpose than sending messages according to the preferences established for each user in the page of CarzRental. 16 – The user will be responsible for storing and saving their login information. We do not recommend the use of easy passwords, such as special dates, names or number sequences. If the user suspects that someone has guessed or obtained their password, we highly recommend changing it. 17 – If users are informed by external agents about any sale or offer from CarzRental, they must check for the truthfulness of this information in our webpage. Any information about offers or services that cannot be confirmed must be disregarded. 18 – The data collected can only be used for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

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