Technology to provide additional functionality for the customer. Non-acceptance of this policy will not imply a limited access to the web page. It will only reduce the level of interaction with the tools of the page. 1. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device by websites (PC or mobile device). These small files allow web pages to store information like your preferences, as well as IP address or even information about your operating system or device (PC or mobile) This cookies technology can be represented as the memory of a web page used to identify the customers and their preferences to deliver more relevant information. 2. Which cookies does CarzRental use and how do they work? • Login cookies We use cookies to identify when you log in our system, so we can remember you when you come back. These cookies are deleted every time you sign out. This also guarantees that the user may access to certain areas and information when their are logged in. 3. Third party cookies 1. Our page uses Google Analytics as a traffic analysis tool. We use it to better understand our customers inside our page. These cookies may register the time our customer was browsing the web page, as well as the specific pages they have visited, in order to show appropriate content. 2. Occasionally, we try new features and designs in our page to improve the user’s experience. We use cookies to measure these results. 3. To improve our users’ experience, there are buttons and plugins that allow the user to log in through social networks. To make this possible, said social networks can store cookies through our web page in order to improve the user’s experience. Being these third party pages, we do not keep track of which information is collected by these cookies. For that matter, we recommend reading the privacy policy of those third party pages. 4. For the analysis of performance and usability of our web page, we use third party web pages. The cookies related to these pages register user’s use of data, such as time of browsing, pages visited, number of visitors and most searched content. 5. To improve the usability of our web page, we use cookies that store information related to geolocation. This enables the display of content, prices and fees relevant to the country from where the customer accesses. 4. Use of cookies in HTML email We use persistent and login cookies with our HTML emails. These technologies allow us to know the characteristics of the email (for example, if you received it or decided not to receive it anymore). 5. Information collected from your computer We collect some information when the customer visits our page. This information is collected from your browser and includes IP address, operating system, type of browser, screen resolution and reference page used to find CarzRental 6. How to disable the storage of information from cookies In the event the customer is not comfortable with the use of cookies technology and the information CarzRental may collect, they may access the browser’s settings and delete, or even disable the access of the cookies. Each browser has features that may limit the cookies’ function of a web page. Each browser has different settings. We recommend you search the necessary information to disable these features in the help section of your browser. 7. More information We hope to have cleared any doubts that the customer may have referring to the use of cookies, as well as about the use of data collected in our system by this technology. However, if there was a doubt or question regarding this issue, we are at the customer’s disposal. Our contact information: Email: Website:

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